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About Basik FS


Founded upon the principles of professional excellence, passion, entrepreneurial acumen and integrity, Basik Financial Solutions (BFS) is a financial services company with 100% black female ownership and operational management.

Established in 2009, we aim to provide a holistic approach to financial planning; with a strategic focus on personal wealth creation, retirement planning and the development of simple financial literacy.

BFS is fully licensed with the Financial Services Board, under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act of 2003 (FAIS ACT) - FSP Number 42041. In a competitive and sometimes disreputable sector, we hold firmly to our values of honesty and fairness – putting our clients’ confidential interests first and serving them with highly responsive, first-class service.

Most importantly, our expert advice is unbiased – we are not affiliated with any financial entity and this means that we are fully motivated to recommend the investment that is best suited to the client. This, we believe, makes all the difference.

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Our vision and mission

Our vision is to be one of the leading financial services companies and preferred independent advisers in Southern Africa and selected regions abroad.

It is our mission to help our clients make smart and informed investment decisions and gain confidence in having a secure financial future and to be the trusted advisor for all aspects of client’s financial affairs. In this way ensuring a mutually profitable and ongoing relationship with our clients and all stakeholders.

What makes us different?

There is a certain peace of mind that comes from an organized financial life, and knowing that an investment is being prudently handled. We believe we offer a valuable service that enables clients to attain this, through our Client Focused Approach, Expertise, Experience and Independent Interest.

Client-focused approach

Many financial services firms are structured around the products that they represent. But we don’t believe that “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to clients. We focus on our client’s individual situation first, and from there provide them with the education and input they need to manage their finances.

Expertise and experience

Our management team has both the knowledge and track record necessary to help clients through the financial challenges of life. We have the right qualifications, extensive training, and corporate career experience to help us give our clients the best financial advice.

Independent interests

We are not owned by or affiliated with any financial entity. This means that our interests are completely aligned with those of our clients. When we recommend a certain product, clients have the assurance that it is the one we feel best suits their needs, regardless of which product house it comes from.

What is our goal?

Wealth intelligence can be a complex topic. Our aim is to simplify it, empowering our clients to make smart, informed decisions that’ll help them achieve their goals and give them the confidence they need to secure their financial future.

Becoming the trusted advisor for every aspect of a client’s financial affairs puts us in the unique position of being able to ensure a mutually profitable and ongoing, long-term relationship. We are on a mission to be one of the leading financial services companies, and preferred independent advisers in Southern Africa and selected regions abroad.

Our Partners

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